Buy A Home

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Work with an agent treating your purchase as a treasure hunt.

 I have been in the real estate industry for over 25  years. I have owned my own brokerage and worked for top national and regional franchises. I am at MediaOne real estate for important reasons. None I know of offer their agents and clients comparable benefits.

I am a former owner of a top five in my state mortgage company I understand the entire process in making the hunt go well.

I am easy going but determined. I don’t push you but I provide honest feedback.

Some buyers agents brag so hard about getting you a great price that they bomb out on getting you the home you want. It’s all about you, not me.

It doesn’t hurt that I love technology.

Sell A Home

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I am confident that my sales package and approach is second to none. My sales results support this claim as my average days on market are about 1/2 the MLS average.

Here are 3 points to tease you with, hoping you contact me to make a short but insightful presentation.

1- Most agents say that newspaper advertising doesn’t work. My listings and open houses prove differently. They are advertised each week in both major Salt Lake City Newspapers. More than half of my 16 transactions this past 12 months can be directly attributed to this advertising.

2- OK, I mentioned above, open houses. Most agents say they don’t really work for you. They say they just find them buyers. This is a cop out attitude. They say this as they don’t like their results. I know how to make an open house work, and therefor hold them on my listings almost every week. (I do go on vacation at times).

3- This is a big deal to your bottom line. The longer the home sits on the market the more likely you are to get a lower price. I take that issue on as a serious responsibility. I believe that it is my fiduciary responsibility to obtain the highest price for my clients. I have that reputation. I am not one of those “just put it in the MLS and wait for it sell” agents.

Appreciate My Network

I discuss on the main page of my site an important principle I have used during my career. I decided to expand on it to help those visiting my sites.

It’s called referring people so that those I refer to have “continual business at risk”. I hope it helps you someday.