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It’s Been A Very Good Year For Salt Lake City Real Estate

RE Salt Lake City Real Estate. It’s been a very good year for several reasons. One of the best reason is the great people I get to meet by selling real estate. You may hear that often from agents, but it’s true, meeting great people is the best part of the business.

I have closed 35 sales in the last two years; homes and condos but mostly condos. I feel blessed and grateful. I am grateful for the decision to move to Utah. After 2 1/2 years of helping people with their genealogy at LDS Church Headquarters I decided to activate my real estate license in Salt Lake City. I still help people with their genealogy and try to offer several hours each week to assist people. It’s a fun hobby and passion that so many are getting into.

My real estate focus is helping folks move down from homes to condominiums. I can assist in both parts, buying and selling.  Having a lifetime experience helps me in all phases. Having part of that as a mortgage loan officer and company owner helps in many ways.

In this market a lot of clients are paying cash for their condos. However, some area taking advantage of FHA, even FHA Reverse Mortgages. I get these products and can guide you through the decision making process of these types of decisions. I have great lenders that deal in all types of financing.

What a great decision it was to license with MediaOne Real Estate. Their support is important to me, but also to my clients. Their advertising component is the biggest advantage I gain by being with them. Some agents  may tell you that newspaper advertising is old school and doesn’t work. Do not believe that. It works amazingly well. They may also tell you that open houses don’t work. I do them because they work, and I do them almost every Saturday. I know how to make open houses work for my clients, not just for me finding buyers.

It’s great in Salt Lake, and It’s great being an agent in Salt Lake.

Salt Lake City Real Estate