‘Currently Available: Currently Available Condos 700,000 800,000. Salt Lake City

‘Currently Available: Currently Available Condos 700,000 800,000. Salt Lake City

When you spend this much for a condominium you are after something special. It usually boils down to wanting a special or specific view. It may be the location that is important. The size of the unit might be a factor. Sometimes the amenities or parking is high on your priorities.

As of this writing there are only 5 in Salt Lake County in this price range.

Click this link and  you can quickly see everything in Salt Lake City with this criteria: Condo, $700,000 to $800,000.

These are an interesting assortment. One is a Park City Condo where the agent wanted the listing top pull up in Salt Lake City searches. A similar location issue is the two in Cottonwood Rd in solitude and Snowbird.

One is a larger condo home style in Holladay. Size is the factor setting it apart. No view, no downtown location is a setback for many. Another location issue is the one in Cottonwood Heights. This might be ok with some, not for others. Again this is a larger home style of condo.

There is a certain buyer willing to pay a premium price for condos right at City Creek, 99 West Temple. $795,000 for 1310 square feet.

Closer to downtown is a condo at $799,000 on 56t0 East South Temple, Governors Plaza. This has a drop dead view and 2628 square feet on two floors. About 40% of the square footage is the upstairs bedroom suite. Again, the view is breathtaking.