Core Relationships

Core and Advocate Relationships, Mortgages and More.

Core and Advocate Relationships, Mortgages and More. What area core and advocate relationships? Why do they make for interesting people? What’s the point? How does that benefit you the consumer?

My taught definition of a core relationship is one where parties provide each other with referrals on a regular basis. It is a valued relationship when you have one. They aren’t one sided, both must benefit to be a core relationship. Often it’s lender real estate agent relationship but it can come in many fields. There are leads clubs with dozens of different types of occupations that meet regularly to share leads, be they new clients or people moving into the area.

An advocate relationship is where a salesperson has an advocate that has provided a lead now and then to a sales person, at least within the last 12 months. Ideally that advocate relationship can be nurtured into core.

Why those who create core relationships in particular are interesting people is that they are less concerned about themselves to at least being concern about others. Instead of the mentality that “it’s all about me and my business, it’s about them”. This is a tough mentality to adopt.

What’s the point? The point to the consumer is that you have different ways to choose from in selecting a provider. For example, take the need for a mortgage. You could hear or see an advertisement and respond to it. You could ask a friend for a referral. You could walk into your trusted bank and use the loan officer on duty. You could pick a relative in the business, or a neighbor.

Core and Advocate Relationships, Mortgages and More, think about it when selecting any service provider, in any field.

My belief is that you get are most likely to have a great experience if you have an introduction from someone with a core relationship with a loan officer, or one that is seeking such. On this website I have named three loan officers. They have a lot to gain from treating you right. You can expect them to be competitive, to deliver what they promise, and to be highly skilled and professional. You are even better off, to make the emphasis by letting me make the introduction to you. They want my continued and often referrals. They want me to speak highly of them in my office of almost 100 agents. I provide them a lot more than a one of a kind business, it can be and should be ongoing, monthly or more, a core relationship if it comes back to me, an advocate relationship if they merely do a good job for you.

I am seeking core relationships with those I can be of value to. I am seeking to introduce others to those I care about. Many of different fields are listed near the bottom of this site. Let me introduce you. By doing so, we all win.

It’s more than Core and Advocate Relationships, Mortgages and More in the real estate and mortgage industry, it can apply to all sales.


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