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Title Company Marketing Hell


With this post you see a photo that has 16 of my colleagues and a terrific title rep. It seems the State of Utah is so concerned about Title Companies giving favors to a particular real estate agent or company that they have cracked down on how they market on line. Shall I say, how they restrict marketing online. Boo.

I asked the lady in orange for a photo of her team so I could write the article about how great the service is at First American Title, Union Park. She answered, “sorry I am not allowed to do that”. OK, I don’t want to get her in trouble with the “don’t market your services in Utah police”.

Now, to an agent Title and Escrow has been an extremely important part of the buying or selling a home process. Just over a week ago, it became even more important. This because the Feds changed the closing disclosure laws. Where before it was critical that you trust the judgement of your agent in choosing a lender and a title/escrow company it now becomes more important. When a loan is involved the lender creates the closing document that escrow must work with. It will be easy to have sloppy work along the way cause closing to be delayed. Delayed closings are Hell too.

So to the title of the post, Title Company Marketing Hell. They are having a hell of a time marketing now. I encourage you to let your lender or agent pick the title company. Make sure that the title company already has a relationship with your lender. Today I sat next to a loan officer while he was having a conversation with a title company. It was evident that the title company didn’t have the slightest clue about the new rules. Wow, this is a potentially disaster if the parties to this transaction want to close on time.

In my transactions, it’s 99% a must that you let me lead you to First American, Union Park. The reason: their service is the best I have had in over 25 years of being in the real estate and mortgage industry. Need I say more?

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