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Here you will find articles about things I am interested in –  about real estate, and about those I advocate.

I invite you to be what a client called, “My Friend In The Computer”.

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Utah Is The Nations #1 Economy And Salt Lake And Utah Counties Lead The Way

Utah Is The Nations #1 Economy and Salt Lake and Utah Counties Lead The Way

Did you know that Utah is the nations number one economy? Note the image. As much improvement as…

Interesting People: Sandra

Interesting People: Sandra

Sandra isn't her real name. I met Sandra yesterday at a family history conference. We were in a…

Governors Plaza Condominiums : Salt Lake City

Governors Plaza Condominiums : Salt Lake City

Governors Plaza is a bit east of the downtown action (5 blocks) The address is 560  East South…

Welcome To It’s Great In Salt Lake

We came to Salt Lake City on temporary assignment. We loved it here and decided to stay. Living here has truly been great.

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Home Search

Find A Home - The MLS top Search Site
Find A Home - The MLS top Search Site

Click here for my best in the MLS search site.

All local MLS listings are found here. Not all of the famous sites can correctly say this. It is the place to find a home.

Find A Home in "The Avenues"
Find A Home in "The Avenues"

Click here to find the current homes for sale that are in the Avenues. Take a look, it’s a great place to live. Below is a quick search for homes in North Salt Lake.

NORTH SALT LAKE AREA  for sale, click here

Search for CAPITOL HILL Homes, Click Here 

My Top Articles

If You Are Going To Use Zillow You Better Hire Zorro

If You Are Going To Use Zillow You Better Hire Zorro

What? They Won't Allow Your Puppy? No Dogs No Cats?
What? They Won't Allow Your Puppy? No Dogs No Cats?
Commercial Real Estate Vs The Stock Market
Commercial Real Estate Vs The Stock Market

After the ups and downs of the stock market –

I believe the answer is certain commercial real estate –

The answer I propose I call ” the Amazing Lease”-

For more information contact me at – 801-923-4735

Governors Plaza
Governors Plaza
One And Nine
One And Nine
Larry K Cragun Is A Licensed Agent With MediaOne Real Estate
Larry K Cragun Is A Licensed Agent With MediaOne Real Estate


We Love Condos

Salt Lake City Condominiums
Salt Lake City Condominiums

I am developing this section to provide you with a most complete place to learn about Salt Lake City Condominiums. You can search for what is available as well as, hopefully more here than any other place, learn details about your options in buying a Salt Lake City Condo. There are numerous condo projects to choose from.

Searching can be done here.

Let me know if you want one you are interested in to be added next. Larry

838 Condos: Click Here – 8 Blocks east of City Creek Mall on S Temple.

American Towers: Click Here – Uptown living 44W 300 S

Aztec Condominiums: Click Here515 S 1000 W – Most have great views.

Bonneville Towers – Click Here –

Broadway Tower: Click Here – One of the few pet friendly in downtown.

Canyon Road Towers: Click Here – Very Popular, very close to Temple Square and City Creek.  Easy walk.

————- DONNER AREA ——— Click Here – Near Immigration Canyon and the Hogle Zoo. Some of the greatest views can be found here.

East Point: Click Here – 2011 S 2100 E

Garden Towers: Click Here – Next to Canyon Road Towers, Nice rooftop garden.

Governors Plaza: Click Here – Across from the Governors Mansion 560  E South Temple. An impressive building.

Metro Condominiums: Click Here – 350 S 200 E – Near Library Square

Parc at GATEWAY: Click Here – Part of the Gateway Mall

Presidential Club: Click Here – Above the zoo.

Stone Haven: Click Here: – Cottonwood Heights – Gated

Terrace Falls: Click Here – Walking distance to City Creek

The Wilshire Condo: Click Here – 426 1000 E

Trolley Place: Click Here – 520 S 500 E – The HOA dues here are good.

Zion Summit: Click Here – Twin Towers directly above the LDS Conference Center

Terrace Falls
Terrace Falls
838 Condominiums
838 Condominiums
Trolley Regent
Trolley Regent

Larry and Kathleen Cragun

Find A Loan

Find A Loan

Aaron Morgan and Todd Fowlks of Academy Mortgage

Let me introduce you. Contact me at 801-923-4735

Popular Categories

Zion Summit
Zion Summit
Canyon Road Towers
Canyon Road Towers
American Towers
American Towers
Presidential Club
Presidential Club
Garden Towers
Garden Towers

People And Businesses I Advocate

I have had serious believability issues with review websites. The results haven’t matched the reviews. Was that positive review by a family member or employee? Was that negative review by a competitor?  All too often I have the opposite experiences than published.

During my career I have often referred others. I believe that because of my continued relationship, being a source of many referrals, that my referred people get superior treatment. Therefore, I believe that it’s in your best interest to let me introduce you. I am very interested in providing that service for you and to those I trust.

I call it the How We All Win Strategy. Its a better way to pick a provider.

Check out those I advocate below: Let me know if you want me to refer you. It’s better that way.

Real Estate Service Providers

Title companies, home inspectors, asbestos studies, house cleaning, yard care, handy man, HVAC, and more.

Property Management: RESE Property Management: Call me, I will give you a personal intro or click here to go to a form that will prompt them to answer any questions you may have. For example, their team will give you an accurate and honest expected rent range. Check out this article regarding a bad rental experience where the owner did his own property management.

For Title and Escrow: I recommend First American Title and Escrow, Union Park. Click Here for an article about recommending them. 801-562-2212. My clients ask for Crystal.

Real Estate Attorney: Judson Pitts

Home Inspectors: This article lists the 7 our office endorses.

Find A Home Services Provider

Inspectors, casualty insurance, home repair, handyman, house cleaning, asbestos inspections, and others.

Casualty Insurance: Rhonda Goodman: American National Insurance You can contact her directly (801-890-0217 or 385-222-1248) but it’s better to let me introduce you.

Plumbers: Bruce Plumbing

HVAC: Jesse Medina, the man at Any Climate Mechanical | 801-916-8096

House Cleaning: Nexex Janitorial Services | 801-949-4527

Handyman: Sam Green 801-520-6360

 I’m Working On It

  • Bookeeping
  • CPA
  • Interior Design
  • Landscaping
  • Yard Care
  • Pest Control
  • Home Security
  • Signs
  • Senior In Home Services
  • Window Treatments
  • and  YES, I am looking for more to network with!

Storage Containers

Storage Containers


How about a semi trailer for your goods? Click here for Gordon Jensen Storage Containers. $135.00 a month and up.

Those That I Advocate

Utah REALTORS That I Collaborate With

You may desire an agent where it is best for me to refer you. Those I refer here are agents that I know from experience are dependable, honorable, and professional. Some might be a better fit. Let’s talk about that. I will gladly refer you, they will gladly share their fee with me, and you get both of us working for you.

Toole and Surrounding Areas:

Aceneth Warner

Jaime Harvey

Park City, Midway, and Heber areas.

Joann O’Brian

Leslie Saunders

Both are members of the Park City Real Estate board (the MLS) and both work full time. A typical Park City agent has an occasional sale. These two agents

Foreclosures and Bank owned: Garrett Kelsch

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate is a large part of my background. I was real estate director of a Commercial Developer.

However if you are considering commercial real estate, businesses or commercial real estate I highly recommend that you let me introduce you to our Associate Broker | Commercial Division | Robert L Slingerland. Bob is a terrific person and  you will love working with him.

You may call him directly 801-541-5458 | 801-355-2915 (Use my name)

Yes! My Favorite Restraunts

#1 Blue Lemon: 55 W South Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84101  (801) 328-2583

Chinese: Chef Gao 488 E 100 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84111     (801) 363-8833

Interesting and different, Good food too: Cafe on Main: Love the great combos of meat, rice, and veggies. Great ambiance… friendly service, European sports on TV: 2701 S Main St, Salt Lake City, UT 84115  Phone: (801) 487-9434

Washington State REALTORS (R) And Lenders

That I Trust and Advocate

I have worked with or employed the best of the lot. Let me introduce you.

Real Estate Agent in the Seattle Tacoma market. Carol Miller 253-322-3516

Miscellaneous I had a tooth break in a serious manner. It was ugly. For insurance reasons I need to delay the replacement until January. I researched on line and found It works great. I recommend it.

Washington State Businesses

That I Trust and Advocate

Snoqualmie Ridge Veterinary Hospital (tell them I sent you)

About Advocacy

Having someone I trust is advocacy. You find these people here.

Having someone advocate me is an appreciated recommendation.

Advocates in our system is defined as providing one or more referral per year.

Core relationships are special. They are unselfish, subscribing to “it’s not about you”. It’s about them, helping and building another. Thinking of them unconditionally. Core can be potential core where it is a mutually successful relationship.

You can go to this this How We All Win Website to learn learn more about this concept.

I have also published an eBook that goes into detail on the topic. It’s free and available to read or download here. Your feedback is welcome.